Student Absences

Email, phone 04 236 7785, or text 027 236 7785 the school before 9:00am and advise us of your child’s name, room number, and the reason for the absence.

If it is a planned absence (ie holiday) the school needs to be notified in advance in writing. This can be emailed to the school office.

Unjustified absence for three consecutive days can result in referral to the Attendance Service.

Student Lateness

If your child arrives after the 8:55am bell, they must sign in at the school office before going to their class. They will be given a late pass to give to their teacher so the roll can be updated. It is very important that the school is advised of any changes to caregiver contact details.

Signing out

If you need to pick your child up before the end of day school bell, please do so at the office with a reason. You will need to inform the school that someone else will be picking them up earlier if it is not yourself for safety reasons.