Board of Trustees information

The Board of Trustees meet monthly in a meeting which is open to the public. This is usually held on the second Monday of each month in the staffroom. The meeting generally covers student achievement, finance, property, personnel matters, policy review and development and all matters relating to the effective governance of the school.

The Board of Trustees is elected by the parents every three years. The current Board members were elected in September 2022.

Meeting dates for 2024: TBC

First meeting for 2024 – Monday 12th February, 5:30pm in the staffroom.

You can contact the Board at

Chalajia Taukamo-Mataroa: BOT Co-Chairperson / Finance / Community and Cultural Relationships

Jeff Hunkin:  Personnel / Community and Cultural Relationships

Kathleen O’Hare: Principal

Corrina Perenise: Board Secretary

Parent Trustees: 

Fiona King: Charter development (Strategic planning) / Consultation

Rebekah Siave: FInance / Charter development (Strategic planning)

Michael Rongo:

Trish-Leigh Masoe: Iwi Representative

Staff Representative: TBC 


Letter of approval from the Ministry of Education Year 7, 2024

Letter from the Ministry of Education