Pepa Whakauru / Enrolment

“You don’t need to teach a child curiosity. Curiosity is innate, you just need to be careful not to quash it. This is the challenge for the teacher – to foster and guide that curiosity.” 
(Sir Paul Callaghan (1947–2012) A highly-respected and inspirational leader and teacher, Sir Paul championed science and business as being crucial to New Zealand’s economic growth.)

We welcome new enrolments at Ngāti Toa School.

You can enrol your children at our school any time. For those turning five, we encourage you to bring them to visit the school during the term prior to when they are due to start, and to spend some time in their classrooms.

Thursday mornings work well for us for school and classroom visits. We are negotiable if this does not work well for you.

When you enrol a five year old,  you will need to supply the following documents:

a) the completed enrolment form;
b) Birth Certificate (preferred) or Passport


Birth Certificate and Resident or Student Visa;
c) immunisation records.

Enrolment packs are available from the school office or you can contact Kathleen O’Hare at for a chat about the school.

Alternatively you can complete the attached enrolment form and email it to us.