Ka Ora, Ka Ako

Healthy School Lunches Programme

Our school has lunches funded by the government every day. The provider is Kāpura, a Wellington-owned and operated company with 15 years experience in the hospitality business https://whg.co.nz/.

In February 2021, Kāpura secured the contract to provide school meals for children in need in the Hutt Valley and Porirua. Meals are prepared in their premises in Ngaio Gorge, delivered to school and is distributed to the children by our lunch staff. They are delivered in environmentally sustainable food packaging and the company provides waste management options for us as part of the initiative. 

Kāpura’s aim is to design healthy meals that children will find tasty using fresh, local seasonal produce. The belief that children will look forward to their lunch each day underpins their practice.

Unfortunately, the providers cannot cater for allergies.  

You will not need to provide lunch for your child/ren (unless they suffer an allergy). They will still need morning tea. We have been told that the lunches are substantial, and we also still have our Fruit in Schools programme and KidsCan food. We would like all children to be part of this initiative we have been offered and it will build cohesion in the school as children sit and eat together sharing the same kai. 

In 2023, we decided to change the presentation of lunches and go with “hot lunches” daily served like marae styles. This means our children receive hot lunches served in the school hall by our Lunch Staff daily. So far, this has been a positive decision for our children with less food waste and there is plenty for them to have seconds.